SOUP Architects

SOUP strives to maximise the potential and opportunity of every project.

We create generosity and add value through design. We aim through a richness of materials and understanding space to obtain beauty with economic means and design.

We strive to push the boundary of restrictions and constraints from planning to construction.

Our intuitive, open-minded approach allows for creative opportunity. Flexible spaces, created with innovative storage solutions, sliding screens or movable roof lights

Opening up to link rooms at will. Anything and everything is possible.

Each project is developed through a series of themes; sleeping and living, entrance and privacy, lifecycle, upcycle, expansion and downsizing, public and private, intimacy and openness. These themes generate a program, develop the spaces and create connections for the architecture to form.

SOUP continues to innovate and experiment with the concept of the extended family house, through the continued manifestation of built projects. Transforming simple functional ideas into inspirational architecture, which is both innovative and affordable is the ambition collectively held between our clients and SOUP.

1. What SOUP Architects can do for you 

As an RIBA Chartered Practice SOUP has the experience to see your project successfully through to completion. We can oversee the design, assist with the approvals process, manage the build and keep track of your budget.

2. Preparation 

Consulting SOUP at the earliest stage will allow us to get a real feel for your needs so that together we can establish a clear brief and a realistic budget. This will help reduce the overall design costs and help ensure the project comes in on time and on budget whilst identifying and reducing any potential problems early on.

3. Developing the Design 

SOUP will work with you to develop designs that will interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment, ensure your project is cost effective and can help add real value to your home. We will come up with a range of ideas for you to discuss, develop and refine together.

4. The Approvals Process 

SOUP can help with the approvals required before your project can go ahead, including preparation of applications to the local authority for planning consent (where needed) and for Building Regulation Approval (which covers the functional requirements of buildings to safeguard the health and safety of the people using them, energy conservation and access and convenience for people with disabilities).

5. Construction Phase 

Guiding you through the construction phase SOUP can help you select suitable builders, obtain appropriate prices for construction, monitor progress and standards, supervise safety on site, liaise with other specialists and oversee the construction through to successful completion.

6. What SOUP can bring to your project 

As an RIBA Chartered Practice we can help you realise your ambitions and guide you through the design mand construction process. SOUP provides a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings - we can handle the paperwork, bring value for money, imagination and peace of mind to your project, whilst keeping it on track and on budget.

7. Value for money 

SOUP are professional problem-solvers. Our experience and insight can help stretch what can be achieved within your budget and add value to your project. We can suggest new ways of utilising space and light, enrich the palette of materials, finishes or fittings, find a builder at the right price, and propose design solutions that will reduce your overall running costs whilst maximising the energy efficiency of your home. At a fraction of the cost of your project, an architect’s fees will prove a sound investment.

8. Imagination 

SOUP Architects can lift your project out of the ordinary and help you achieve your aspirations and vision. We are trained designers who will explore your needs and desires and find inventive and practical ways of enhancing your living environment.

9. Contact Us 

If you are considering a project and you think we can help, please call us on 020 7354 1729 / 07781 147667, or email us at

SOUP Architects
198 Blackstock Road,
N5 1EN

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