Waverley Energy Assessments

SAP Calculations are required by your local Building Control Authority and Waverley Energy Assessments are specialists in providing SAP assessments for the most cost effective solution for your new build domestic project.

Our background is in Property Development, so we understand how best to meet and exceed the SAP calculation requirements for new build cost effectively. To achieve this the project requires trade off’s of different

elements whilst still meeting the minimum requirements for Part L Building Regulations. Too often SAP assessments from others result in a standard house with a gas boiler and a roof of solar panels to make the project pass. Our assessments look at the whole project and our result should be simple and cost effective to meet, whilst of course meeting your clients requirements. The solution we’ll present for you won’t automatically be a roof of solar panels for your client!

An SAP assessment is required by your Building Control Authority as evidence that your project meets the requirement of Part L. Many SAP assessment businesses will take the drawing at the building control approval stage, and then try and make the property pass the SAP assessment, we urge clients to contact us at the design stage to involve us in the best approach to making the building “PASS” without any fuss.

Contact us as early as you like to involve us in your design project.

Waverley Energy Assessments

28 Littlepark, 
SP11 7DR

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