Francis Flower Northern Ltd

GYPSOL anhydrite floor screed binder is manufactured from the waste material of the acid production and chemical industries to exacting standards to BS:EN:13454 by Francis Flower (Northern) Ltd, the only wholly UK based independent manufacturer of anhydrite floor screed binders. Having our own production facilities based in the UK and operating 24 hours per day if necessary puts us us in a unique and un-equaled position to supply the needs of our customers. GYPSOL anhydrite flooring screed binder is also CE certified so that you can be assured that the product meets the stringent quality standards you would expect within your project. 

GYPSOL anhydrite binder is used by our manufacturing partners as the primary ingredient in their high quality flowing self compacting liquid screeds. GYPSOL pumpable self smoothing screeds such as Cemex Supaflo, Hope Construction Materials Gypscreed, Bardon Highflow and Flotherm from CES Quarry Products in Ireland. GYPSL Screeds offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to labour intensive and problematic traditional sand cement screeds. Flowing floor screeds continue to become increasingly popular. It is estimated that around 25% of the current UK screed market is anhydrite based pumped screed and this is increasing at a dramatic rate.

GYPSOL flowing screeds are available in various formats including Classic, Modular, Summit and TimBRE and are suitable for use in all types of construction including floating, bonded and un-bonded construction. GYPSOL screeds can be used with or without underfloor heating both warm water and electric. Well suited to all building types including traditional masonry, timber frame, light weight steel frame and easily installed in either single or multiple story buildings GYPSOL offers a perfect flooring system for any project regardless of size or location.

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