Terry Lifts

Terry Lifts

The Lifestyle Lift combines all that you would expect in luxury and comfort at home with the latest technology, to bring you a lift to future proof your home.

Innovate, don’t relocate
If you’re looking for an innovative way to adapt your home for the future then look no further! The Lifestyle Lift will bring you long term benefits, helping you to adapt your family home to your evolving needs and giving you flexibility in your future choices.

Make it yours
The Lifestyle Lift can be custom made to suit your existing décor. Make your lift your own by selecting from a range of colours, finishes and various types of flooring including carpet and laminate effect, so your lift blends with the look and feel of your home.

Easy does it
The Lifestyle Lift’s compact shape means it has a small footprint and will fit neatly, practically anywhere in almost all houses. The lift is self-supporting, so there will be no major structural alterations necessary, keeping building work to a minimum and the installation process simple.

Installing a Lifestyle Lift in your home is easier than you may think.

  • Minimal building work & alterations to your home
  • Quick & easy installation in only a few days
  • Simple to operate

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