Renewable Energy Consultants

Renewable Energy Consultants

Establishing a good energy strategy can be a daunting task for a self-builder. Knowing the pros and cons of considerations such as a biomass boiler versus a ground source heat pump, or a mechanical ventilation & heat recovery system versus windows with good cross ventilation, is not always easy, but will be essential to think through. Whether the systems you are looking at will work sensibly together, and be sufficient to meet the demands of your building, will also require careful research. A lot of the literature and advice available is from product sales staff, who may be highly knowledgeable about their own product but most likely will also have a vested interest in you buying it!


A good renewable energy consultant will offer a cost-effective, independent and authoritative design service to integrate renewable energy technologies into your self-build design. Instead of going into a great deal of detail with every supplier, you can discuss your desires and motivations with your consultant who will be able to advise you which equipment will help you achieve them, and what size it needs to be based on the heat losses of your proposed building. They’ll also help to ensure different energy systems will work together well. A good consultant will also, of course,  suggest energy efficiency in lieu of renewable energy.


Whether your requirement is for low carbon, low energy, independence from grid or low running costs this un-biased overview will then enable you to focus your research, budget, and ultimately a suitable design, on particular sets of products which you know will meet your requirements, suit your build, location and maintenance capabilities and function together smoothly and efficiently.

Information provided by Ecofirst Consult, visit their website here for further information.

Ecofirst Consult

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